Quality mixed hardwood – delivered to your door or easy pickup from our centrally located Bowral yard.

Seasoned Firewood

Our seasoned firewood is split timber pieces of a consistent size. Our firewood is quality and consistent you will be getting a reliable fantastic burning wood every time.


Our quality hardwood kindling is small split and easy to light. Fantastic for getting your fire started, it’s available in handy ready to use bags.

Now selling Yellow Box

$265.00 per m3 delivered

$520.00 for 2m3 delivered

$760.00 for 3m3 delivered

$1000.00 for 4m3 delivered

Mixed Hardwood $190.00 per cubic metre

2m3 = $380.00

3m3 = $570.00

4m3 = $760.00


$10.00 per 10KG bag  + delivery fee

Stacking fee $30.00 per m3